Trainer with female student
Boys practicing dribbling the basketball

Training at the Evansville Basketball Academy

EBA training instruction will teach the skills necessary to compete at the next level, regardless of where the student’s current skill level is. Whether it’s in our monthly small group classes or semi-private hour slots, we know EBA will help those students who are willing to put in the extra work to improve their current skill set. With several experienced trainers available, four monthly small group training classes, flexible scheduling, and a number of summer camps, it’s easy to find a fit for your busy schedule.

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Small Group Training

For several years now the Evansville Basketball Academy has been offering a variety of training classes to serve all player ages and ability. From the beginner, to those that have played in Final Fours, to those whom have won National Championships, EBA continues to develop all players’ abilities and skill levels. With a variety of classes and times offered each month, EBA is the place where all students can expand their games. (See class descriptions below.)

Lil’ Hoopers

Designed for the children ages 4 – 7 with little to no experience with the game of basketball. Class is a fun way to learn some of the very basic skills necessary to progress in the sport. Focus will be on dribbling, passing, catching without traveling, pivoting and basic rules.

BB101 (Better Basketball 101)

A great introduction for all youngsters to the game of basketball. We will not only teach them the very basics of the game, but continue to reinforce those fundamentals over and over again. This is the most important stage of development, because without the basic skills, everything else would be pointless. In addition to teaching, students also learn the rules of the game. This class is designed for beginners of all ages. Even if your child has had an introduction to the game, we know this class will be very beneficial to their development. This class will only be offered September through April. (This class is replaced with the Fundamentals Summer Camp offered in June, July, and August.)

I.B.T (Intense Basketball Training)

Designed for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and even some in the 6th grade. This class consists of at least four students per instructor and will help the student reach goals beyond their current level. Students will work on all aspects of the game as well as spend some time on speed & agility drills. All players should be at an adequate fundamental level, have the desire to work hard and in good physical shape before attempting this class.

N.L.W. (Next Level Workout)

These sessions are for those advanced individuals from 6th grade thru early high school aged players that have had success at their current level, but are wanting to ensure future success as they continue to progress in their careers and the competition becomes increasingly more difficult. This class offers a fast paced, intense, competitive atmosphere that will cover a wide range of skills and include some speed & agility work. At this level all players will be expected to retain all instruction, be able to give a maximum effort the entire class, and be prepared for a workout that they may have not been exposed to before. This class is not recommended for players looking for a quick fix to their game or just trying to get in shape.

A.S.W. (Advance Shooting Workout)

A.S.W. has quickly become EBA’s most popular training class. Utilizing the Shooting Gun 3, each student will be able to get 150-200 shots up while improving their ball handling, passing, and movement skills both with and without the ball. Because the instructor no longer has to rebound, they can spend more time working with each student helping them refine their shooting form and showing them ways to improve their shot through adjustments or by eliminating wasted movements. Because this class is a fasted paced instructional class, it is imperative that all students are advanced enough and in good enough shape to handle these activities. Skill level is important, as each student will rely on the other students in most all of the drills in which they participate. Additionally, students must be able to work on their own for short periods of time while others are on the gun. *Session I will use the 28.5 Ball and Session II will use a Full Sized ball

Noah Shooting Analyzer

Uses high speed camera and high tech computer software that allows our instructors to offer a wide range of tools to improve the students shot. We can capture video and breakdown their shot into 1/10 of a second frames, train the students on developing a consistent arch on their shot, and show them the distance the ball passes the front of the rim. All three of these of these are critical on establishing and maintaining a consistent shot. Additionally, we are able to chart each student’s session, history of improvement, and can do a comparison to some of the area’s best shooters. *These sessions are individual sessions, not small group work.